Stud Service:

When using our stud service, we offer a detailed service agreement
including (but not limited to) the following:

- Artificial Insemination and routine vaginal smears

- Safety and isolation for your female if brought to us

- Guaranteed conception or repeat service

- Guaranteed live puppy or repeat service

- Continued guidance from breeding through whelp and lactation

Puppy Health Guarantee:

Purchasing a new puppy for your family, whether as just another family
member to love and nurture, or as one for which you have higher
aspirations, is a huge undertaking, requiring many hours of soul-searching,
questions, studying, and traveling from breeder to breeder hoping to find
that little Bully bundle of joy.  Study all that you can.  Ask as many
questions as you can think of.  And visit as many Bulldog homes as you
can...perhaps more than just one time each!  Those of us that are committed
to this wonderful breed welcome your extra diligence.  Many of us research
you as a possible buyer as you have researched us as a possible seller....your
breeder should commit himself/herself to you for the life of your dog.

An agreement of health or return for monies paid should be a part of your
contract with your breeder.

As well, you should be sent home with complete directions of care for your
newly acquired pet.

Your responsibility as owner/provider for the Bulldog is paramount.  Your
breeder will hold you accountable for it's good health, good nature, and
quality of life.
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