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Cisco is Available at Stud to Approved bitches
Our Cisco Kid finished on Saturday May 23 , 2009 with 4 majors (3 Specialty
majors). Such a thrill!!!!
Thanks so much to Mike Staley-5 pts, Wayne Brower-4 pts, Nancy Paul-4 pts
and Dennis Mccoy-3 pts for awarding Cisco all his points from the BBE class
to finish at just 13 months of  age.

On October 10 & 11 2009 the Kid was awarded back to back Best Of Breed at
the Illianna Specialty under breeder Judges Fred Haynes and Bill Andree
Thank you all for being so supportive of this sweet boy!

CH K's Note-A-Bul Cisco Kid received his Grand Championship July 18, 2010
His Champion and pointed get are now in the ring.
In November 2015 Cisco was inductied into the BCA Stud Dog Hall of Fame.  
He currently has 14 champion  get, four of which are Grand Champions, as
well as several others that are pointed.
Click HERE to view some champion and pointed Cisco get.
NEWS FLASH---CISCO has new champions !!!!!
View on his '
get' page
Cisco has passed OFA Cardiac and Patella
screenings.  He has also received a score of
A=Clear/Normal on the  HYPERURICOSURIA (HU) DNA